Velkan Valerious
Human (formerly), Werewolf

Velkan Valerious was the brother of Anna Valerious. He starts the film as a human who is hunting a werewolf, he saves his sister but gets bitten in the proccess. He still tries to help his sister, but ends up being consumed by the curse and obeys Dracula unwillingly.

As a WerewolfEdit

As a werewolf his will, is Dracula's will. He is a slave to Dracula and is used as a weapon against Van Helsing. He is extremely fast, powerful, and agile. His fur is brown and he sheds until his first full moon. Velkan tries to warn his sister that Dracula has a werewolf cure but in unable too.

Then he turns into a werewolf and fleas and then goes to Dracula he turns back to his human form just to find out that he is going to be used in an experiment to bring Count Dracula's children to life then Anna comes to save him with Van helsing but he turns into a werewolf and tries to attack her but luckily Van helsing and Anna brutally escape and sending the werewolf down into the river.

Then he sees them in a cave with Frankenstein and alerts Dracula about this with the brides he ambushes van helsing and Anna as they are taking Frankenstein out of transvillania but this was all a trap and they manage to kill Verona one of the brides and then Velkan as a werewolf shows up sending the carriage on fire everybody jumps and while jumping Van helsing kills Velkan.

Then after the carriage explodes Anna finds Velkan and he asks for forgiveness she cries and Velkan dies she says I will see you again. She blames Van helsing for this and cries more but later finds out he is bitten.