Geraldine Dvorak, Dorothy Tree and Cornelia Thaw were the first actresses to portray the brides.


Dracula's three brides after often depicted as enemies of Van Helsing in various forms of media.

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In the movie called Van Helsing, the three women are given names. Verona, Aleera and Marishka. For reasons unknown they lay eggs, and each bride has produced a separate "litter" of hundreds of eggs. The brides attack Anna's Village when Van Helsing arrives. They kill off one of the towns folk before Van Helsing kills Marishka, causing the other brides to flee.

A few days later, Van Helsing attempts to flee back to Rome with the Frankenstein's Monster. The remaining brides try to retrieve the monster, but discover that Van Helsing has tricked them into pursuing another carriage filled with wooden stakes. Aleera gets away just in time before Verona is killed by the stakes.