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Tom Cruise is set to replace huge jackedman in an upcoming reboot of Van Helsing.

The writing team for the reboot was also behind Transformers and Mission Impossible: 3' where they teamed up with Tom Cruise. So needless to say, we can expect a lot of thrills from the reboot, tentatively named Young Van Helsing. (Tom Cruise is older than hugeackman)

Why does Universal insist on making PG-13 action movies called Van Helsing? What happened to horror, blood and suspense? Obviously they realize the last one was a critical failure, otherwise they wouldn't be recasting or reinventing. We would have a sequel with the same star. And more of the worst cgi creatures ever.

Tom Cruise To Star In New 'Van Helsing' Movie

Tom Cruise To Star In New 'Van Helsing' Movie

So what do you think? Has Hollywood gone reboot-crazy or is this a horrible idea? Comment below!

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