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Marishka is one of Vladislaus Dracula's three brides and a minor villain in Van Helsing Movie. She is one of the three brides. She has blonde hair and wears golden earrings and a necklace.


Marishka 3

Marishka showing her fangs

Marishka appears at the beginning of the film searching for Frankenstein's Monster, as she and the other vampires can use him to create many more vampires. Dracula kills Victor Frankenstein and the monster escapes to a house that a mob burns down. They flee as Marishka, Dracula, and the other two brides arrive and they all mourn the loss of Victor and their chance to bring their children to life.


She later attacks the village to feast on human blood with the other brides. She is told by Verona, another bride, to kill Gabriel, which she eagerly agrees to do. She flies towards him in bat form, only to get shot at with his arrows, causing her to crash into a house.

She comes out, her wounds healing, and she mocks him. Carl, Helsing's sidekick, throws a bottle of holy water to him, but Verona grabs it and flings it into a well. Carl then alerts him to a fountain of holy water, and as he ran to it, Marishka changed into bat form and rammed into him, knocking him down. However, this brought him to his bow and arrow, which he grabbed and ran to the fountain as Marishka chased him. As she was about to reach him, he dipped to bow into the fountain and shot her several times, causing her to crash into the roof of a house, and she turned to bone that clattered to the ground. The two other vampires sensed her death and flew away. They later mourned her death.

Behind the ScenesEdit

She was played by Josie Maran.