Castle Frankenstein
One of Dracula's castle

It's is a castle in which Dr Frankenstein lived but was killed by Dracula this castle should have been abandoned but Dracula now does experiments in it trying to bring his children to life as Anna predicted.

It is seen in the beginning of the film in which Dr Frankenstein is killed and Frankenstein alive. Then it is seen when Anna and Van helsing trying to save Velkan Valerious are in for a surprise they find about the pods which contain vampire children and then Van helsing finds about his past that has a big connection with Dracula. Anna on the other hand finds out they are doing an experiment on Velkan and tries to rescue but Velkan tries to attack her upon becoming a werewolf Anna runs and is saved by Van helsing and they escape. Then it is seen abandoned and empty because Dracula has shifted to his own castle Castle Dracula. Then this castle is not seen.