Castle Dracula Castle_Dracula_(Van_Helsing).jpg
Castle Dracula
Dracula's castle

Castle Dracula is a icy castle home to the vampire lord Count Dracula and a base of operations for him and his servants. It must be centuries years old.

It also serves as the site of the final battle between Van Helsing and his allies against Dracula and his minions.

In it Dracula minions called dwergi they help him for bringing their children to life but with Van helsing around he fails to do so. Castle Dracula is seen in the end of the movie when the Frankenstein monster is caught to save him they find a mirror from which they find the castle they find igor on the way and tell him to lead Carl and Anna to the werewolf cure meanwhile can helsing in a struggle to free Frankenstein is pushed by Dracula and is too late the children live and the only way to kill them is to kill Dracula Van helsing transforms into a werewolf and Dracula into a demon vampire the clash in which Dracula is beaten badly meanwhile Anna is stuck with Aleera and Carl with the cure is chased by igor who tricked them but Frankenstein becomes free and tangled in a wire is swung to where Carl is running Carl ducks but igor does not and with the current falls down to his death meanwhile Anna in trouble Carl frees Frankenstein and he is swung around and crashes into Anna and Aleera.

The bridge collapses Carl asks for help Anna with the same wire swings around for help Aleera somehow escapes from Frankenstein clutches and pushes Anna who falls but gets hold of a wall and gets up but Aleera in the last struggle to kill her gets impaled through her heart by Anna with a stake killing her Dracula who is weak is killed by Van helsing and with him all his children die and ending his legacy forever.